Our Team

CEO & Co-Founder

CA. Jimmy Vadera

Jimmy Vadera, a Chartered Accountant and CISA-qualified professional, co-founded VNC Global Business Edge Pvt. Ltd. alongside CA. Dhara Vadera in 2010. As the proud Co-founder and CEO, Jimmy is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and enterprises worldwide with innovative financial and accounting solutions. Partnering with VNC Global Australia Pty. Ltd., Jimmy's leadership spans continents, bringing cutting-edge financial solutions to clients globally. With over 14 years of experience, his commitment to client satisfaction and continuous innovation is unwavering.

Jimmy's journey began with a UK-based company, where he discovered his passion for accounting and reporting software. This ignited his drive for learning and growth, leading to expertise in global client management, technology implementation, and process optimization. Driven by a vision for positive change, Jimmy dreams of establishing the VNC Foundation to uplift underprivileged communities and promote environmental sustainability. Similarly, VNC Rise aims to provide educational opportunities to youth globally.

At VNC Global, Jimmy provides strategic direction, driving business growth and fostering excellence. With unwavering dedication, he leads VNC Global team towards a future of innovation and impact.

Managing Director & Co-Founder

CA. & CPA. Dhara Vadera

Dhara Vadera, a trailblazing Chartered Accountant and Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA - Australia) with BAS Agent (Australia), DISA, and DIRM qualifications, co-founded VNC Global Business Edge Pvt. Ltd. and VNC Australia Pty. Ltd. alongside CA Jimmy Vadera in 2010 and 2022, respectively.

With a bold vision, Dhara and Jimmy founded VNC Global to empower entrepreneurs and enterprises worldwide. Starting with accounting and bookkeeping, they swiftly diversified into offering comprehensive supply chain financial solutions and cutting-edge data analytics through bespoke software.

As the Managing Director, she provides strategic leadership and oversees the operations of the company, driving its mission to revolutionize the accounting and financial landscape. Her visionary approach, combined with her expertise in strategic planning, regulatory compliance, and client relationship management, makes her an integral force in the industry.

Similar to Jimmy Vadera, Dhara is dedicated to establishing the VNC Foundation for community upliftment and environmental sustainability, alongside VNC Rise's aim to provide global educational opportunities to youth.

Director - Strategy and Innovation

Sumegha Mehta

Sumegha Mehta, a Chartered Accountant Professional with over a decade of leadership experience, leads VNC Global's Strategy and Innovation as Director. Her commitment to exceeding client expectations and empowering her team defines her approach.

Proficient in Power BI and data analytics, Sumegha utilizes her expertise to drive insightful decision-making and elevate business performance. She holds certifications in Jet Global, Klipfolio, Xero, QuickBooks Pro, Aero, Hubdoc, MYOB, and is recognized as a NAV Specialist, showcasing her comprehensive expertise in various software applications and platforms.

Sumegha's proven track record in optimizing business processes positions her as an inspirational force within VNC, fostering innovation and excellence. Her leadership cements VNC Global's status as an industry leader, committed to delivering exceptional solutions and driving sustainable growth for clients worldwide.

Partnership Manager

Aamir Shaikh

Aamir Shaikh, our dedicated Partnership & Project Manager, brings over a decade of expertise in accounting, e-commerce apps integration, and finance process automation. Certified as an Accountant and Process Consultant, Aamir specializes in supply chain and inventory management.

With a keen focus on financial analysis, budgeting, and process optimization, Aamir excels in designing comprehensive frameworks for seamless project execution. Their leadership has been pivotal in guiding teams toward success.

Aamir is committed to driving client acquisition and managing projects and partnerships. With certifications including Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Xero Advisor, QuickBooks, and Cin7, Aamir ensures excellence in every endeavor.

Project Manager

Rupali Parikh

Rupali Parikh, a seasoned Chartered Accountant, and dedicated Project Manager, brings over a decade of expertise in accounting, taxes, apps integration, and finance process automation.

Specializing in logical processes and supporting thriving businesses, Rupali excels in financial analysis, budgeting, and process optimization. Her leadership is pivotal in guiding teams towards success and ensuring high-quality deliverables for clients. Proficient in MS Excel for complex data analysis, Rupali continuously identifies opportunities for process enhancements, implementing upgrades for better results and value addition.

With meticulous attention to detail and strategic vision, Rupali drives efficiency and excellence in financial management, making her an invaluable asset in achieving organizational goals.